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LIVE Webinar - YOUR Choice


If you haven't signed up to join one of our hour-long, LIVE sessions yet, perhaps it is because you did not see one that suits your needs. 


So, how can we help YOU?  Some of our other individual sessions or webinars include:


  • Communication: Do's and Don'ts at Work

  • Setting Goals and Expectations

  • Business Grammar and Writing

  • Customer Service... What do I Say

  • Customer Service... Working with the Difficult Customer

  • Quality: No time to do it over

  • English: They Sound Alike But They're Not

  • Performance Appraisals: Taking Ownership

  • Basic Business Skills

  • Performance Management: Negotiating Success

  • Career Management and Development

  • You've Got the Job... How to Keep the Job

  • Working with Difficult People

  • Managing Difficult People

  • Managing your Manager

  • Getting a Promotion: It Takes Preparation

  • Project Management: Success Without Software


Would one of these workshops work better for you?  Simply let us know so you can get the help you need for your career development.  


If you have any questions about content or any requests for a workshop that your department or team may need, for instance, contact us.  We'll give you some tips to help you, your department, or your organization more effectively succeed in as little as one hour (up to 90 minutes, if needed).



Pick any of the webinars above for just $59.99  (per person)Sign up now.

Choose which webinar will help you enhance your career and get it on the calendar. Live career coaching in a simple lunchtime learning environment.
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