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LIVE Webinar - How to Dress for Business


When you go to work you must dress appropriately. In order to do that, you need to know how to dress for business.


Your job may require business casual, casual, or standard business dress. Do you know the difference? This lunchtime learning webinar will give you the answers to:


  • How do I dress for business if I don’t have enough money for work clothes, casual clothes, and going-out clothes?

  • Why can’t I just wear what I have?

  • What if my style is different than how my job wants me to dress?

  • What is the benefit of dressing for business?

  • Why does how I dress matter?


These are valid questions and we don’t want to take away personal style. There really is a reason and a benefit to understanding how to dress for business. Join us for this very important career success, easy-learning webinar so we can give you the answers to “how?” and “why?” you should care about how to dress for business - every day. 


At the end of this LIVE webinar you will have the tools you need to ensure that your style and wardrobe contribute to your business success. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered by an experienced professional development coach


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We teach you how to dress for business for your business and career succcess.
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