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Hello Future Participant,


When people view our live Success Tips meetings and webinars, two common questions are “Why are the Success Tips Workshops live teaching/learning webinars so inexpensive?” and “How can these webinars be so affordable when the competition is charging so much?”


It seems that people can’t imagine receiving a high-quality learning experience at a really affordable price.  Well, it's pretty simple.


When an employer arranges for a participant to attend a live training class using a traditional training company, they are charged a huge training fee on behalf of that session.  This fee is usually hundreds of dollars.  When the participant arrives for the class they are greeted by a Trainer.  The Trainer presents valuable information to the class that benefits all of the participants and the employer.  The Trainer is paid for their time and expertise out of the fee the employer paid the training company.  However, the Trainer does not receive the full fee that was paid to the training company by the employer for that attendee or group of attendees.  Instead, they are paid a base salary or small “per-class” fee. 


At Success Tips Workshops we are the Trainers. By offering our live webinars online, we don’t have traditional “training company” expenses to pay so we can keep costs low.  Our web-based classes allow us to offer valuable information at an affordable, per-person, price.  Participants get the same quality training they would receive at an on-site or “brick and mortar” location without the high price tag. 


Whether you are an individual, a Fortune 500 business, or a Small Business Enterprise, the Trainer’s time and expertise is all that you pay for at a Success Tips Workshops hour-long webinar.  We love the fact that we have figured out a method for presenting high quality training without charging a high price.


We offer webinars for groups of people who are trying to get a job as well as in-depth webinars for those looking to further their career.  We listen to our customers to help them meet their unique needs with our customized webinars. We also know that there are times when people need individualized instruction.  We are pleased to offer 1-on-1 LIVE coaching to these individuals.   Just contact us and we will coordinate a Coaching session with you for any of the sessions you've reviewed here on the site.


If there are corporate clients that would like us to do a live webinar specifically for their employees, we will be happy to accommodate them. Simply contact us to discuss the company's unique needs and we will work to keep you within your budget.


Now that you understand “why?” and “how?” we are able to offer our webinars at such an affordable price, isn't it time to sign-up to get started in one of our conveniently scheduled workshops?  If you need even more information, please don't hesitate to contact us


Still curious? Click here to view a sampling of our recent feedback or click here learn more about us.


We look forward to hearing from you, confirming your reservation, and helping you fine-tune your skills... very soon.



Claudia White

Creator and CEO








This is why (and how) we make our LIVE Success Tips Workshops so affordable...

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