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LIVE Webinar - WHY Business Etiquette IS Important

Register now for this lunchtime learning webinar and learn why business etiquette matters.


Business Etiquette IS IMPORTANT... and it does matter in career advancement situations.  It is not just about eating with the correct fork, or chewing with your mouth closed during a business meal.  


There is more to business etiquette than just dining. Improper etiquette can give people the wrong impression about you.


Sign up now to learn these important tips:

  • Formal and informal greetings

  • What dining habits are important

  • Is there a "rule" about who opens the door for the other person

  • If you should order a drink or not

  • Who should pick up the check

  • How to greet your prospective employer, or general staff members

  • AND MORE...


At the end of this LIVE career success learning webinar you will understand why Business Etiquette IS important to your success.  Gain the tools you need to confidently interact with prospective employers, clients, and everyone else you meet. Ask questions and get them answered by an experienced professional development coach.


Are you ready to enhance your career? Well this is why business etiquette matters a lot more than many people think it does. Take your career to the next level with our valuable success tips. 


Sign up to join our virtual classroom.  Previous fee - $69.99  Now... just $49.99.



Register to reserve your spot and learn Why Business Etiquette IS Important


Workshop Schedule:  "On Demand!"... 


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