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Frequently Asked Questions





Join our lunchtime learning webinars and get help from an experienced career coach.

What is

“Success Tips Workshops” are LIVE 1-Hour individual sessions or group webinars that are hosted weekdays during convenient 1-hour time slots, that include all time zones in the U.S. They were created to help people advance at work and in life. We show you how to accomplish your goals to achieve career success. We even encourage that participants to ask questions that will help them be more successful.


How much does it cost?

For as little as $49.99 you can log into a LIVE webinar on any of these topics. Our virtual classroom is open to anyone, anywhere in the USA. There are no additional costs or hidden fees. There are no prerequisites, no long-term costs, and nothing to lose. Register now for as many classes as you like.


Why do I need this?

Our success strategies help you get past your roadblocks and onto the successful career you desire. With over 30 combined years of business and executive coaching experience, our career coaches give you simple, life-changing techniques to use every day. 


How long is each career coaching class?

Each 60 minute, LIVE sessions or webinars is packed with valuable information and success tools you can start using today.  Fifteen additional minutes are set aside to ensure that personal questions get asked and answered after each session.


When are the career coaching sessions held?

Simply log-in for any webinar that is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our virtual classes begin at various times in the Eastern time-zone.  (Click WEBINARS then This is why, above, to see the various days and times.) Join from your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Get real-time instruction, personal attention, and the opportunity for ask questions to an experienced career coach.


Who would benefit from this service?

Whether you are a corporate executive, entry-level new hire, business owner, home maker, or part of any other category, we are committed to helping YOU succeed.  We have seen throughout the years that if employees are trained in basic success skills they are more likely to use those skills and grow their career, and continue to build their expertise.  Without the basics many employees find themselves in the same job year after year.  


What can I expect to accomplish?

You will learn valuable skills and techniques that help you achieve better results in your career life.  You will learn problem solving, personal presentation, interviewing and other skills that you can use in every aspect of your career.


How many webinars can I take?

As many as you want to take as often as you want to take them. We encourage you to take at least two corresponding classes like How to Write a Resume followed by How to Interview Successfully.


Are the webinars live or pre-recorded?

They are LIVE. There is a standard structure of information that will be given in each webinar, however LIVE sessions mean that we can answer personalized questions that are important to the attendees that day. Each session has different attendees, so the conversations will be different too.


What forms of payment do you take?

You can use any credit, debit, or gift card that carries the Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logo as well as PayPal and CashApp.


When is payment due?

Payment is due when you sign up. After your payment is received you will receive a confirmation number, a sign-in password, and log-in instructions.


What if I can’t take the class on the day I register for, will I lose my money?

No, you will not lose your money. -- Send an e-mail letting us know you missed the class. Also give us the date and time you would like to attend a future class. We will confirm your absence and send you the access code for your rescheduled class.


What is a Career Coach?

A Career Coach is someone who helps people work on areas of their career that they would like to improve. Usually the one-on-one meeting is focused on one topic at a time.


Can I get a one-on-one coaching session?

Yes. For just $59.99 you can have one of our experienced career coaches work individually with you. This one-hour session will focus on you and you alone.  Contact us for more information.




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