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Here's where you can decide when you want to take one of our hour-long, LIVE webinars  


All of the Webinars are "On Demand"!  What that means is that we give you the hours that we're available (Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Saving Time), and you decide - based on where you live - when you want to take your Workshop. 


The first person to register for any Webinar determines when that Webinar will meet and notices will go out - through Twitter, or Event Brite, or regular e-mail - to let everyone know that they can register for that Webinar too.


If the first person to register  - you - receive our Confirmation e-mail and you happen to be the only one registered for a particular session, we will conduct that Webinar for just 1 person...  you!.  Do you know why?  Because we want to help you SUCCEED!... and it doesn't matter if there's only 1 person signed in for the Webinar.  (Wouldn't it be great to get 1:1 Coaching when you least expect it?! )


So...  check out the times below and Click on the Sign up now link, and let's get started helping you be the best you can be.



Webinars - D A Y S  of   the  WEEK, every week


         Tuesday    ----    Wednesday    ----    Thursday



Webinar - T I M E  of  D A Y,  (East Coast U.S. Time)

(Remember to count ahead or back from East Coast U.S. Time to determine your

time-of-day for the Webinar)


9:00 a.m.   --   11:00 a.m.   --   1:00 p.m.


             3:00 p.m.   --   5:00 p.m.  



Pick any of the webinar days and times above.   Sign up now


[NOTE:  Classes must be requested 24 hours in advance.  For example:  If you submit a registration at 7:00p.m. on Monday, the first time slot you will be eligible for will be 9:00a.m. Wednesday .  If there is a conflict in the class schedule you will be notified immediately.]


If you or your department (or group of friends) want different days, Contact Us and we'll do all we can to accommodate your schedule.




Choose which webinar will help you enhance your career and get it on the calendar. Live career coaching in a simple lunchtime learning environment.
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