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LIVE Webinar - How to Write a Resume


An ineffective resume is a waste of time.  In this 1-hour webinar we teach you how to write a resume using career enhancing tips that give you information and answer the following questions:


  • Are there different types of resumes?

  • What should my resume look like?

  • Can I use my resume when I apply online?

  • What does "Optimize your Resume" mean?

  • Are there different resume styles and when do I use each type?

  • How do I show my accomplishments?

  • How do I make my resume better than my competition's?

  • How do I sell my abilities without being unrealistic?

  • Do I need more than one version of my resume?

  • How do I get personal resume-creation help?


At the end of this LIVE webinar you will have the tools you need to apply for the job you want. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about how to write a resume and get them answered by an experienced professional development coach. No amount of work history is too much or too little for this webinar.  Presenting your work history and letting the hiring manager know that you are the best person for the job is the purpose of your Resume.  Let this webinar show you how to do just that!   


Get LIVE help from an experienced career coach, by just giving us a call.  We'll answer all of your questions about content and our VERY low Workshop fee.



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Workshop Schedule:  "On Demand!"... 


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Learn how to write a resume that is effective.
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