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LIVE Webinar - How to Reduce Your Stress 

Join our virtual classroom and learn how to reduce your stress. Seats are limited so reserve your space now.


There are success tips you can follow when you want to learn how to reduce your stress.  This LIVE career success learning webinar shares these tips.


Many things in your life need your attention and your time.  Some of these things include your home, partner, children, school, family, friends, and your job. Sometimes it feels like every one of these things need your attention at the same time. No wonder you feel stressed.


This webinar shares proven success tips on how to reduce your stress.  You learn simple stress reduction secrets that help you gain control in your life, and answers the following questions...


  • Is a To Do list important?  Why?

  • What do I do next if I do make a To Do list?

  • What do I do if I really don't have time to do any more?

  • How do I get help doing my job, or my personal tasks?

  • How do I not feel guilty of I don't finish everything?

  • People say Relax!  How am I supposed to relax if I have so much to do?

  • Are there really "relaxation techniques" and do they really work?



At the end of this LIVE webinar you will know how to reduce your stress in order to feel more in-control. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered by an experienced professional development coach right then and there. No amount of sharing your frustration at trying to do it all is too much or to little for this webinar to address.


Sign up now. Join our career success webinar and take the first step toward learning how to reduce your stress.  Previously for $79.99  Now...  limited time only...   just $49.99.



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