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LIVE Webinar - How to Interview Successfully


Whether you’re going after your first job, or you have an interview for a promotion, the goal is for you to get the job, not someone else.  This LIVE 1-hour webinar teaches you how to interview successfully.


During this webinar you get valuable interview help including:

  • A list of common interview questions and answers

  • How to answer interview questions to get the job

  • How to have a relaxed, informative conversation with the interviewer

  • How to feel comfortable sharing your successes

  • How to answer “what if” questions

  • How to interview successfully so that you stand out from the competition



At the end of this LIVE webinar you will have the tools you need to apply for the job you want. You will have the opportunity to ask questions along the way and get them answered by an experienced professional development coach.


Do you feel comfortable that you know how to interview successfully? Join us to get the success tips you need so you can get the job you want.


Reserve your spot in our virtual classroom now. This one-hour could help you change your life.  Get started now. Normally, for $49.99  But NOW... $29.99!



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Workshop Schedule:  "On Demand!"... 


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Learn interview tips you need to help you get the job you want.
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