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Hi!  -  THANKS for visiting SuccessTipsWorkshops!!
We've changed our Webinar schedule... temporarily!
Lately we've been doing more On-Site Workshops, so, we've de-activated our website... for now.
We don't want our changed availability schedule to frustrate you.
However, please DO feel free to call or E-mail us at...
Tel. 302-544-1508
E-Fax. 302-689-4222
P.O. Box 9910
Wilmington, DE  19809

If you're interested in a Webinar and want to know if we can schedule one at a time that works for you, your department or company, even while we work through our on-site schedule... please feel free to contact us. 

We'd love the opportunity to determine which Webinars we can do that meets your requirements.


As a reminder, here are some of the Webinars we offer: 


LEVEL 1                                                             LEVEL 2


"How To... " Series: The Basics


How to Write A Resume                                        Communication: Do's and Don'ts at Work

How to Interview Successfully                              Setting Goals and Expectations

How to Dress for Business                                     Business Grammar and Writing

How to Be a Great Employee                                Customer Service... What do I Say

How to Manage Your Team                                   Customer Service...

How to Manage Your Time                                           Working with the Difficult Customer

How to Reduce Your Stress                                   Quality: No time to do it over

Basic Business Skills                                             English: They Sound Alike But They're Not

Why Business Etiquette Is Important                    Performance Appraisals: Taking Ownership

                                                                               Performance Management: Negotiating Success

         Career Management and Development

                                                                               You've Got the Job... How to Keep the Job

         Working with Difficult People

         Managing Difficult People

         Managing your Manager

         Getting a Promotion: It Takes Preparation

         Project Management: Success Without Software

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